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TNG Fic: (I Don't Need a) Parachute (Picard/Crusher) [May. 12th, 2013|11:27 pm]
boldly going nowhere

(i don't need a) parachute
he'd loved her as long as he'd known her, and he'd known her for twenty-five years. five times they nearly slept together (and one time they really did). star trek tng. beverly crusher/jean-luc picard. spoilers for the entire show. 5,100 words. r.
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Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated... [May. 5th, 2013|09:10 am]
boldly going nowhere

So, it has been a REALLY long time since I've been on this community, in fact LiveJournal in general. However, I've been coming back in bits and pieces, posted a couple of articles I wrote that talk about religion, and started reading the customers_suck communities again. But, last night, I found something to post here. Now, some of you may already be aware of this easter egg, but I just found out last night.

As we have all learned, Disney bought Lucasfilms (bear with me, the Trekkie part is coming up at the end of the paragraph). Then they announce that they'll be continuing the Star Wars movies, with a film set for 2015 release. When they announced JJ Abrams was gonna be directing, a percentage of the fans stopped whining, because JJ Abrams mere presence near a sci-fi franchise is enough to calm us, now that we saw what he did with the 2009 Star Trek movie.

However, was it his plan to direct Star Wars all along?


Allow me to explain.
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Garrett Wang making a appearance in Nashville [Oct. 5th, 2010|06:55 pm]
boldly going nowhere

[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

Attention Trekkies! Garrett Wang is making a surprise appearance at Geek Media Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. He will be appearing all three days of the convention. Check out the con at http://whatisgmx.net/ or on Facebook for more details.

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STAR TREK XI SPOOF SWEDED [Sep. 23rd, 2010|04:31 pm]
boldly going nowhere

A funny spoof of Star Trek XI :D I love the part where they hold up the crappy Enterprise sign and you can hear a quiet clip of that terrible intro ~~it's been a long road~~ XD I love all trek (including Enterprise), but that made me LOL

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Star Trek Gummies, Tea, Pizza Cutter [Sep. 23rd, 2010|04:28 pm]
boldly going nowhere

These can all be posted together I think. They are kind of related, Star Trek food items, yeah? YES!!


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U.S.S Axion [Sep. 3rd, 2010|11:08 am]
boldly going nowhere

U.S.S Axion, of the Federation's 1st Fleet
Welcome aboard the U.S.S Axion, NX-05. An NX-class vessel equipped with phaser arrays, photon torpedos and deflector shields, the U.S.S Axion is ready and willing to battle. A tough ship with a good crew, the Axion is dedicated to the service and protection of the Federation. The Axion is also devoted to exploration and discovery, upholding the very principals and ideals of the Federation itself in every mission it undergoes.

The U.S.S Axion is an Enterprise-era based simm, so if you want to explore the very first frontier this is the place to do it. The Axion is an indy simm, meaning we have full control over our own rules as opposed to the rules of a fleet.

The Axion needs players who are open-minded, keen, excited about Star Trek and about roleplay. This simm is highly individualized to each player, who is considered a valued and important member of our family. We trust one another with our lives In-Character, and our friendship Out-of-Character. The Axion is a new simm, with highly exciting positions available today!

Available Positions
-Chief Helm Officer
-Chief Medical Officer
-Diplomatic Officer
-Chief Science Officer
-Intelligence Officer
-MACO Executive Officer
-Chief Armory Officer
-Operations Officer
-Judge Advocate General
-Chief Communications Officer
-Task Force Fleet Tactician
-Medical Examiner

& MORE!!

Note: You must be at least 18 years of age or older to join this roleplay.

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H. A. Note [Jul. 20th, 2010|05:40 am]
boldly going nowhere

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Happy Lunar Landing Day!
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Come join Team Trek! [May. 3rd, 2010|02:21 pm]
boldly going nowhere


Join Team Trek at jjverse

Come help us out! Us poor Trekkies staged an impressive fight back last round, and now we're starting a new Phase and we need your help! I promise it'll be lots of fun. :D
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Jadzia Dax icons [Dec. 30th, 2009|05:28 pm]
boldly going nowhere

28 Jadzia Dax icons in a post of 96. Other icons are Stargate and Criminal Minds.


I wasn't looking to fall in love. I was perfectly happy by myself. I had friends, a career, adventure...then one day, this Klingon with a bad attitude walks into my life. And the next thing I know, I'm getting married. After three hundred and fifty-six years and seven lifetimes...I still lead with my heart.
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Terminate Diabetes [Nov. 14th, 2009|08:53 pm]
boldly going nowhere

[Current Coordinates |Austin, Texas]
[Current Mood |geeky]

Last week, I went over to lotusbrenda's for her Terminate Diabetes fundraiser. I donated a few items, bid on a few items, and had a good time. None of the items I donated were bid on at the event. I say its because I got there late, due to traffic, and most of the biddin' was done by the time I arrived.

So, I left four of the nicer things I had, for Brenda to put on eBay to raise money.

Those four items are now online.

Iron Man Lithograph

Rene Auberjonois (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Autographed 8x10

Michael Dorn (Star Trek: Insurrection) Autographed 8x10

Todd Farmer (My Bloody Valentine 3D) Autographed 8x10

Please note, all four eBay items were donated & proceeds will benefit the American Diabetes Association Step Out Walk.
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